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Exeter EV Bases Completed.jpeg

Car Dealership in Exeter

The works were to install the EV infrastructure at a car dealership, for the twin 320kW chargers incorporated with a liquid-cooled charge box. 

  • Excavated a 2m x 2m x 0.5m hole ready for installation for liquid-cooled charge box

  • Trenched 10m through asphalt road-crossing

  • Trenched 5m through grass verge for mains and water ducting

  • Excavated and installed 2 pre-cast concrete bases

  • Installed 1 access chamber and multiple ducts for mains power and cooling system

  • Reinstated trenches to match existing surface

Exeter Porsche 1.jpg
Exeter Porsche 2.jpg
Exeter Porsche 5.jpg
Exeter Porsche 7.jpg
Exeter Porsche 10.jpg
Exeter EV Bases.jpeg
Exeter EV Bases 2.jpeg
Exeter Charger Box.jpeg
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